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Upcoming Events

B2B digitization in China

Recent years have seen great changes in the way businesses use digital services. The pandemic has turbo charged the digitization of many Danish businesses making online meetings, cloud computing and (perhaps soon) AI an integrated part of our daily work life.

Join us for this event, where we examine topics such as creating visibility towards potential Chinese customers, the need for the notorious ICP license, The Great Firewall, and other relevant aspects of digitization for Danish businesses in China.

The event is co-organized with Leaf Digital, Danish-Chinese Business Forum, and Somegu.

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🗓 20 March 2023 (9:00-10:30 CET)

📍 Copenhagen

Taking the temperature on China’s green transition

Is China on track to meet its ambitious targets for becoming clean and green?

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🗓 31 March 2023, 9:30-10:30DK Time

📍 Online

Past Events

Dealing with risks in China

Working in China is becoming a riskier affair for Danish companies. They are confronted with compliance issues on several fronts, from data privacy protection to potential human rights violations. Public opinion in Denmark is adding to the pressure. Values-based considerations are on the uptake, making commercial decisions more difficult to defend. This webinar puts focus on the dilemmas, and we encourage network members to share experiences in a confidential setting.

This is a closed event for members of Sense China Network.

🗓 9 February 2023 

📍 Online

China vs. Europe: Decoupling or engagement?

China and the European Union have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for decades. A consistent business focus has been prosperous for both sides, and EU is by far the largest trading partner for China. But political disagreements are straining relations, in particular on topics such as human rights, Taiwan, and market access.

What will 2023 bring? Will decoupling between the two regions continue, spurred on by the United States? Or will the Biden administration’s recent ‘Buy American’ policies force the EU to break ranks in favour of renewed engagement with China?

The event is organized by China Crossroads.

🗓 2 February 2023 

📍 Whitespace, Gangtai Plaza, Shanghai 

What to expect from China in 2023?

2022 was another intense year for China. Challenges have kept piling up, from lockdowns to economic disruptions and nationwide protests. On top of the domestic misfortunes, China’s relationship with the United States further deteriorated.

Despite the concerns, however, the Danish business community continues to regard China as a key market and supply chain center. Very few Danish companies have opted to exit China in 2022. So what to expect in 2023? Will the pandemic finally be overcome? Will business operations normalize, or will Danish companies migrate to other regional markets?

Will the China-West decoupling continue, or will the EU break ranks and resume closer economic engagement with China? How to deal with China’s approach to Taiwan and Ukraine?

🗓 6 January 2023

📍 Online

From China to Singapore

Could Singapore be the next move for your business?

Many companies have already relocated regional headquarters out of China. Singapore is the top destination. It is strategically located in the center of Asia, enabling easy access to surrounding markets. The government’s business-oriented approach and competitive tax environment also makes it a preferred choice.

🗓 8 November 2022

📍 Online

Take-aways fra Kinas partikongres

Det er første gang i fem år, at kommunistpartiet mødes i samlet flok, og der skal tages mange vigtige beslutninger. Beslutningerne får stor betydning for danske firmaer med interesser i Kina.

🗓 26 October 2022

📍 Online

Data privacy in China

Get insights from professional service providers on how to comply with Chinese data privacy regulations in your operations.

This is a closed event for members of Sense China Network.

🗓 21 September 2022

📍 Online

Digital marketing in China

Learn new ways of navigating in China’s unique digital ecosystem.

🗓 17 August 2022

📍 Online

Kina – hvad nu?

Kina har fået en dårlig start på 2022. Landet står over for udfordringer på alle fronter; fra Covid-19-lockdowns til voksende gæld og international isolation. Hør mere om betydningen af dette, og hvad danske virksomheder har af forventninger til fremtiden i Kina.

This is a closed event for members of Sense China Network (in Danish language).

🗓 28 June 2022

📍 Copenhagen, Denmark

Explore China’s sustainable logistics

Exploring ways on how you can be part of the green transportation progress in China.

🗓 31 March 2022

📍 Online

Common Prosperity – Kinas nye norm

Dansk Industri og Sense China Network tager temperaturen på Kinas modernisering

🗓 20 January 2022

📍 Online

Go2China workshop

Strategic and practical inputs for business planning in China.

(In Danish) Go2China er en træningsworkshop, der giver dig indblik i den aktuelle situation på det kinesiske marked. Vi kan ikke love, at du får svar på alle dine spørgsmål. Men vi garanterer, at du får et bedre afsæt til at tage vigtige beslutninger om din virksomheds muligheder. På workshoppen gennemgår vi best practices, analyserer relevante cases, og tilbyder dig brugervenlige værktøjer.

🗓 20 December 2021

📍 Aarhus

Training: Working in a Danish Company

🗓 3 December 2021

📍 Shanghai

Navigating China’s Political Business Environment

Online Seminar with cases and best practices about the public affairs discipline in China.

🗓 27 September 2021

📍 Online

Webinar: How to benefit from China’s innovation boom

🗓 22 September 2021   

📍 Online 

Go2China Workshop

Strategic and practical inputs for business planning in China.

🗓 4 August 2021

📍 Copenhagen

Sport for Business

One-hour tutorial about sports marketing at the company level. Introduction by top speaker followed by Q&A.

🗓 10 June 2021

📍 Online

Business Cases from New Retail 

One-hour tutorial with keynote presentation followed by Q&A. Get useful insights on how foreign companies deal with retail in China. Cases involve Heinemann, Atria and Hummel.  

🗓 23 April 2021

📍 Online

Blockchain – the China Way

Seminar with panel discussions about blockchain applications in China.

🗓 8 April 2021

📍 Online

China’s Great Digital Mall

The seminar examines how the customer experience is being revolutionized by China’s two pillars of digital retail architecture: social commerce and omni-channels. You will learn how digital retail in China combines everything from shops to gaming and entertainment, and what you can do to leverage your products to meet local demand.

🗓 24 March 2021

📍 Online

Building Green Together – 2020 China Denmark City Dialogue Conference

The City Dialogue Conference 2020 presented an opportunity to rethink the quality and functionality of our living environment.

🗓 18 November 2020

📍 Shanghai, Active House H18

Food for the Future – Innovation in China’s Food Sector

Showcase seminar about innovative practices in China’s food industry. The program featured speakers from Danish Crown, Brothers Kebab, Arla Foods, SOPEXA, Yimishiji and Bits x Bites.

🗓 05 November 2020

📍 Shanghai

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